11 Best Billing Software for Small Business
India 2021

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#11 best billing software For Your Business

Looking for a best billing software for your business? Do not know which billing software is suitable for your business? Don’t worry! We  are here to help you find the best billing software for your business.

It is vital always to choose the best billing software that will boost the image of your business. Manual paperwork in our present-day time is a waste of time and limits business productivity. It is the best way of managing your business. So why not go for something that will give you satisfaction to get your money’s worth. 

We have curated top 11 billing software for each type of businesses based on the requirements.

List of top 11 billing software

  • Vyapar
  • Zoho Invoices
  • QuickBooks
  • FreshBooks
  • Wave
  • Invoice2go
  • Involcely
  • Tally.ERP 9 
  • Marg ERP 9 +
  • Just Billing
  • Sleek Bill

The importance of using billing software can not be overstated. It handles all aspects of business management, from generating invoices to calculating finances. The use of a billing software saves time, energy, and is highly efficient. The practice of using manual paperwork is not only time consuming but also open to errors. The use of billing software is a reliable means of saving and earning more profit.

Effortlessly send invoices and bills to customers without stress. Billing Software help to simplify the accounting and generally allow you to focus your attention on boosting the image of your business. Good billing software has a friendly user interface; in other words, it is easy to use and understand.

Instead of putting all your attention into handling bills and invoices, you can leave that job to standard billing software and focus on getting more customers for your business. The world today is digitally inclined. The use of the internet in the business sector is becoming more common. With the aid of billing software, you can move with the times and keep your business updated.

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Vyapar App ★★★★★

Vyapar is an online Billing service software that is suitable for creating high rate invoices for their users. It is equipped with the necessary tools to handle sales management and business transactions. Easily create the best invoices that will promote your brand and business image. It is available offline to all users and has any easy to understand interface. It allows you to send reminders to your customers, reminding them of due payments. Efficiently monitor your business growth and sales on products without any hassle or stress.

Features of Vyapar:

  • Easily create and print branded invoices
  • Provision of numerous invoice templates complete with varieties of colors and themes to choose from.
  • It helps you to increase sales and profits on any of your products.


  • Easy to understand and use
  • Performs efficient billing and management service
  • It aids easy remembrance to carry out distinct duties


  • Android App– Free for lifetime unlimited invoices
  • Desktop–  Rs.1999 per Year

Suitable for:

It is currently only available on Android and Windows OS.  It is yet to be available on iOS. 


Zoho Invoices ★★★★★

Zoho Invoices is one of the most efficient and stress-free online billing software. It helps you to send payment reminders automatically easily. It is equipped with the best inventory management tools to aid the creation of invoices and make fast payments online. Transactions and business management are handled expertly with positive results.

Zoho Invoice Features:
  • It allows easy access to your invoice history and the benefit of been informed if there are any sudden modifications.
  • The online billing service is easily accessed without internet service.
  • You can be kept updated on expenditures been made from your business.
  • Access to automatic reminders and pay invoices.
  • It is reliable and efficient
  • No particular skill or knowledge needed to use the software perfectly
  • It is equipped to inform you of your profits made from business deals.
  • It is cost-effective; you are sure to get your money’s worth.

Suitable for:

Zoho invoice is currently available on Windows, Web, iOS, and Android.


  • Free– Invoice up to 5 Customers
  • Basic- Rs.2499 Invoice up to 50 Customers

QuickBooks ★★★★★

QuickBooks is one of the most dependable online billing software for businesses in India. It helps you to efficiently manage your business accounting, create invoices, and keeps your finances in check always. It is cost-effective and records zero errors in the management of financial profit gained. It boosts the productivity and image of your business, manages taxes, and generally keeps you up to date with your activities. When it comes to proper business administration, it is the best choice to give you that satisfaction.

Features of QuickBooks:

  • You don’t need to be a genius before you can use it. The handling of this software is easily understandable.
  • It helps to monitor the growth of your business through the use of dashboards and customizable reports.
  • You can easily monitor your business, make and forward invoices as a result of your data been uploaded on the cloud for easy access.
  • It automatically updates all your business transactions or payments made.
  • It gives you your money’s worth
  • It is proficient and gives good results
  • It is equipped with the necessary tools to handle your business accounts.
  • It educates learners on how to use the software.

Suitable for:

It is currently available on Web and Windows OS. 


  • Basic- Rs.4800/Year


FreshBooks ★★★★★

FreshBooks is one of the most proficient online billing software for small businesses and major enterprises. It is one of the most secure and efficient invoicing platforms for your business transaction. It is easy to understand and limits the amount of time you spend on manual paperwork. It is equipped with the best tools that help you create an inventory of all your transactions and also monitor payments made by clients. It helps you create reminders to follow up on business dealings and helps you to boost the image of your business.

Features of FreshBooks:

  • It permits the use of credit cards for each of your invoices.
  • It allows the organization of receipts and ease of saving them on FreshBooks.
  • It updates you on every expenditure made during the course of business dealings with clients.
  • Ease of sending reminders to the client on making payments.
  • It helps you to create branded invoices to suit your business.
  • It is available with or without internet services or platforms.


  • It is easy to use and understand
  • It is ideally suited to fit your needs and give you that satisfaction
  • Customize invoices in a matter of minutes
  • It is cost-effective and pocket friendly.

Suitable for:

FreshBooks is currently available on the Web, Windows, iOS, and Android. 


  • Basic-   Rs.4100/Year

Wave ★★★★★

Wave is a billing software aimed at providing you with that financial success. It is well equipped with the most efficient tools for handling transactions. Create professional invoices that carry your business brand. This billing software handles business management effectively. Make and receive payment without any difficulty. It is essential only to choose the best and most efficient billing software that provides the best services. It is free and supports customer use. It is one of the best billing services available for small and medium business enterprises. It is easily affordable and helps increase business revenue and productivity.

Features of Wave:

  • It is equipped with the best inventory making tools to handle invoices and business transactions
  • Create professional reports.
  • It allows the use of multiple currencies
  • Easy monitor expenses and profits made
  • It is the perfect substitute for manual documentation


  • It is user friendly
  • You are sure to get your money’s worth
  • It builds a relationship between the business owner and client
  • Handle transactions and business deals with ease
  • It is efficient and reliable

Suitable for:

It is available on Windows, Web, Android and iOS devices


  • Basic- Free


Invoice2go ★★★★

Invoice2go is very efficient billing software with 100% accuracy and zero errors. It is easy to use, effortlessly organize bills, and make payments. It helps you create professional invoices from templates and send payment reminders to customers. Use debit or credit cards to pay bills using this billing software. It is best for small and medium enterprises. It is inbuilt with the best tools to handle business management effectively. It is easily affordable and result oriented. It also allows the use of multiple currencies.

Features of Invoice2go:

  • It allows the use of credit cards for payment of bills
  • Create your customized invoices
  • Easily monitor sales and purchases made
  • Easily send payment reminders to customers
  • It enables the use of different currencies


  • It gives you your money’s worth
  • It is proficient and gives good results
  • It is equipped with the necessary tools to handle your business accounts.
  • It educates learners on how to use the software. 

Suitable for:

It is currently available on Web and Windows OS.


  • Basic- Rs.4800/Year

Invoicely ★★★

Invoicely is currently a prominent and efficient online billing service available in India. It aims to provide the best management and smooth transaction services for small and medium business enterprises. It boosts productivity as well as offer quality business reports to know how well your business is moving. It easily monitors the activities of employees in the dispensation of their duties. It facilitates secure payments from clients or consumers. This is a cost-effective billing software that is the best choice to increase financial gains and protect your profits. Why don’t you give your business that modern look with the help of Invoicely? They easily facilitate a cordial relationship with clients and ensure customer loyalty. It is reliable, cost-effective, and generally has an easy to use interface that supports and simplifies the proper use of inventory tools.

Features of Invoicely:

  • It enables you to create your ideal invoice
  • Automatic prompts that help remind you of due payment
  • You can easily give your business that desirable outlook with the aid of yourlogo of choice among others.


  • It is easy to understand and use
  • Allows for the ease of running your business
  • Easy to send invoices available on Invoicely.
  • It allows the use of legal tenders from different countries. 

Suitable for:

It is currently only available on Windows 


  • Basic-  Rs.9100 / Year

Tally. ERP 9 ★★★★

Tally. ERP 9 is another useful and highly efficient online billing software that comes with the features that enable accurate business management. It easily handles finances, sales, and production. It is equipped with tools to manage your inventory and document your transactions. It is cost-effective and avoids the errors that come with manual calculations of business productivity. It is one of the best billing software in Indian and helps manages small and medium business enterprises.

Features of Tally ERP 9:

  • It supports the use of multiple currencies
  • It aids in the tracking of an individual bill of business accounts.
  • It allows you to carry out more than one transaction with the aid of an essential voucher system.
  • The replacement of accounting codes to simplify the maintenance of the ledger system.
  • It allows the ease of making corrections and monitoring changes.


  • You are sure to get your money’s worth when you choose this online billing software.
  • It is easy to use and customer friendly
  • It allows for easy management of business transactions.

Suitable for:

Tally ERP 9 is currently available on Windows, Web, Android, and iOS. 


  • Basic-  Rs.18,000 / Year

Marg ERP 9 + ★★★★

Marg ERP9+ online billing software is the most efficient for Indian small and medium business enterprises. It is used for creating invoices for business transactions. It is well equipped with various tools to aid the proper management of sales, goods distribution, and general accounting. It is essential and easily understandable. It improves business image and boosts its productivity. Highly efficient and cost-effective, thereby giving you the best services as relating to online Billing. It can be used for any kind of business enterprise ranging from restaurants to stores, and much more.

Features of Marg ERP 9 + :

  • It is equipped with a feature that aids in mapping out expired goods and the period of purchase for such products.
  • This online billing software allows clients the easy access of either downloading or uploading of invoices
  • It prevents every form of mistakes associated with the creation of bills and invoices.


  • It is highly efficient for the management of small and medium business enterprises
  • It is equipped with adequate inventory creating tools for accurate accounting.
  • It creates services suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Suitable for:

Marg ERP 9+ is currently available on Web, Windows, and Android devices. 


  • Basic-  Rs.999 / Year

Just Billing ★★★★

Just billing is one of the most efficient and productive free billing software services suitable for small businesses and organizations. It is appropriate for restaurants owned enterprises, stores, and various other enterprises. It allows you to generate invoices quickly and manage accounting transactions, taxes, stock maintenance, among others. 

This online billing software is not just for business records and accounting but also carries out various other functions. Some of these include; monitoring the activities of your employees, building customer loyalty, and general business and sales maintenance. 

Just Billing is an advanced technological online billing service that gives your business that modern outlook. It is well equipped with the most proficient tools to aid business management. It is a cloud-based software that gives you access to observe and monitor more than one transaction simultaneously. It is cost-effective, thereby making it pocket friendly. You can easily make more profit through this online billing software and reduce your expenses.

Features of Just Billing:

  • Just Billing works whether there is the availability of the internet or not, thereby reducing the hassle of having a steady internet connection before proceeding to use.
  • It is easy to understand and use without the need of having any special skills or knowledge
  • It efficiently controls and updates on every business transaction been made.
  • Its connection to the cloud gives you access to monitoring your business from any location.
  • It relieves you of the stress that comes with manual bookkeeping hence saving time, energy, and valuable resources.


  • You are sure to get your money’s worth when you opt for this free online billing service.
  • There is the availability of proficient tools that ease the procedure of business management.
  •  This free online billing software allows access to every feature that aids proper management of sales and transactions for every business.

Suitable for:

Just Billing free online billing software is available on Windows, Android, and also the Web. Currently, it is yet to be available on iOS.


  • Basic-  Rs.18,000 / Year

Sleek Bill ★★★★

Sleek Bill is easy to use and effective online billing software in India for business management. It aids the creation of invoices for transactions. It is equipped with the best tools to produce accurate reports. It offers quality service and makes the billing process effortless. The era of manual Billing has come to an end, making sleek bill the right choice for those who are looking for efficient billing service. It gives access to your transaction data, the printing of invoices, and carry out necessary statistics and error-free calculations.

Features of Sleek Bill:

  • It provides the best and suitable invoice framework to foster customer loyalty.
  • It gives detailed reports on the goods purchased, customer information, and payment history.
  • Provision of invoice template to effortlessly make delivery notes for your product-based business.
  • It allows the inclusion of rate on any of your products, by the adding or removal of the tax levy.
  • It allows for fast payment through understandable invoice templates.


  • It does not require any special skills or knowledge to use effectively.
  • It provides the best customer service.
  • It helps you to produce valid and high rate invoices.
  • It is mainly intended to suit the Indian market
  • It can easily be used with or without internet services.
  • It provides maximum satisfaction for all users.
  • There is an availability of a license for an extended period.

Suitable for:

Sleek Bill is available on Web, Windows as well as iOS devices. 


  • Basic-   Rs.1999 / Year

Why billing software?

With the aid of billing software, the ease of running a business in India can effortlessly be achieved. It allows for the management of your business and also boosts its image. With these, you can attract more clients and save more time on record making, bookkeeping, and following up on transactions been made. Billing Software are easy to use and understand. They possess a user interface that is customer-friendly and easy to use. There is no need for any particular skill or knowledge to know how to operate this software efficiently. They are available on Windows, Web, IOS and android devices. Say goodbye to the era of manual paper works and embrace the modern means of creating invoices. They are 100% accurate and lack the errors that come with manual computing by always entering the correct financial figures. 

Say no to the time consuming, energy taking bookkeeping, and record maintenance. By going for the best online billing software, you are sure to get maximum satisfaction. You can build customer loyalty with specific features that are provided by online billing software. There is a lot of billing software, and it is crucial to always go for the best that guarantees positive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your information is secured. It is always essential to take precautions when you use your banking information. This billing software is always equipped to protect your information.

There are so many billing software available in the market right now, above mentioned software are best in the industry, you can select any of the above software based on your requirements.

Yes, billing apps are equipped to help you create your invoices and also add the color of your choice along with your logo. It helps to give your business that professional outlook.

Send payment reminders, collect payments online and offline. Profit and loss reports, GST report, Cashflow, Balance Sheet, Transaction report, Party report, GST Reports, Item Stock reports, Business Status report, Expense report, Sale purchase order report and Loan report. Sale, Purchase and Expense

Yes, every license is made to only work for a single company. If you must use the billing software for a new company, then you will have to request another license. It is easy to do, and you don’t need to install the software again. You only need a single billing software, and you can have multiple licenses.​

Billing software helps businesses to manage billing, inventory and accounting. Businessman can download the profit and loss report and can see the business statement. You can download the GST reports and file GSTR in sometime. You can find out how healthy is your business.​

You can efficiently issue invoices with billing software even if you own more than one company. Just set up a profile for each company. You can change between both company profiles without having to leave the program.

You can consider using Zoho Invoices, Quickbooks or Vyapar, these are one of the user friendly softwares.

Most of the Billing software are not expensive but rather easily affordable and pocket friendly ​

It is indeed very possible and easy to do. It can easily be added in the form where you fill the company’s details. In addition to that, extra text can also be added in the “additional details section.” This helps to make your invoice look professional and boosts your business image.

It is highly beneficial and result oriented. Very easy to use and pocket friendly.